E-Bulletin 2021 December Highlights

Senior Pastor's Message

Dear Bethanites,

The world has been in a state of confusion, bleakness and anxiety these past 20 months under the shadow of the pandemic. In the midst of all these challenges, there is a deep yearning for peace and normalcy.

In this Christmas season, let us be reminded of who Jesus is. Isaiah 9:6 declares Him to be the Prince of Peace. Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid” (John 14:27). The peace that the world seeks to offer, be it through government economic interventions, medical breakthroughs or political concessions is never adequate. What man can offer fails miserably in comparison to the majestic peace of God.

The peace that Jesus gives far supersedes the natural realm of human capability. His peace can penetrate through thick darkness. His peace can calm monstrous storms. His peace can bring divine order in the midst of chaos. Cast all your cares on Jesus. He will bring rest, restoration and provision.

There are so many people who feel anxious out there. Take the opportunity this Christmas season to introduce the Prince of Peace to them.

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Eric Lau


Pastor Eric Lau
12 DEC
Pastor Eric Lau
19 DEC
Pastor Eric Lau
25 DEC
Pastor Eric Lau
26 DEC
Pastor Daryl Yeow


11 DEC
28 DEC
22 & 23 DEC
25 DEC
31 DEC
*All events are subject to change. Any update of changes will be announced during Sunday services and via social media (bethanychurchkl).

Prayer Focus

28 Nov – 4 Dec


  • Repent of pride in the heart, unforgiveness, self-centredness and self-pity
  • Encounter Jesus in a more intimate way and rise up in faith to serve Him
  • Reach out in Christ’s love to the unchurched and backslidden

5 DEC – 11 DEC


  • Divine opportunities to reach out boldly to the unchurched and invite them to our Christmas events
  • Renewed strength for those who are serving in all the events
  • A powerful move of the Holy Spirit that will bring in a harvest of pre-believers and the back-slidden believers

12 DEC – 18 DEC


  • Protection over the health of school children who need to return to school
  • Loving, safe and secure home environment for the destitute orphaned children
  • Effective counselling and community support for children who are mentally and emotionally affected

19 DEC - 25 DEC


  • We will be faithful stewards giving faithfully and cheerfully unto God’s work
  • We will be determined to build our faith and grow in greater spiritual maturity
  • We will make a great impact as living testimonies for Jesus in our community

26 DEC - 1 JAN


  • Our Prime Minister and Cabinet members will make wise decisions with competency and integrity
  • We, the rakyat will be resilient and diligent as we experience divine favour for more business growth and job opportunities
  • Our police will be effective in fighting cyber-crimes, scammers and criminal activities